Mikee likes to refer to herself in the third person sometimes.

This online journal is a collection of stories from the classroom, the corporate office and everywhere in between.

Even if it’s a dumb story, telling it changes other people just the slightest little bit, just as living the story changes me. An infinitesimal change. And that infinitesimal change ripples outward –ever forgotten, but the stories will last. And so we all matter –maybe less than a lot, but always more than none.

–An Abundance of Katherines, John Green

It is crucial for her to find Anne through her stories, for Anne is the adult who knows the difference between right and wrong and acts after deciding carefully without letting her soft side take over. Mikee is controlled by her child self who is deeply fascinated with all things bright and beautiful. Her parent self, contemplates her actions and guides her with virtues close to home. And if you don’t know what the metaphor means, think id, ego, superego –concepts from Psychology, a science she seeks to spend her lifetime studying.

She leaves it to your better judgment to decide if her thoughts are worth sharing and if Anne is worth finding.

Mrs. Fernandez–

You made me hate my favorite subject.

All my life I believed I spoke and wrote good English but since I landed your Basic English Class, I started to think otherwise. I almost dropped out of your 7:30AM schedule. At the time, I could never bring myself to wake up early only to be told that my tenses were inconsistent and my thoughts were all over the place. Iwasthisclose to giving up on myself but you sat me down and told me that if i do not make an effort, I was going to flunk a class with NO UNITS.

You didn’t stop giving me papers covered in red marks but those very marks pushed me to write more and write better. My writing is still nowhere near perfect but my desire to improve has never faltered. I told myself if I ever become a teacher, I want to have your sincere and unwavering belief in your students’ ability to succeed.

It’s been years since I last saw you but know that each time I come face to face with a struggling student, I ask myself one thing: what would Mrs. Fernandez do? 

Sorting is back on Pottermore!

I have the option to reclaim my old house and wand from 2011 (!!!) or get resorted. I decided to sign up for another account just to see if the results would change.

Initial results: Hufflepuff (House), Silver Lime (Wand Wood) and Dragon Heartstring (Wand Core)

Screenshot 2016-02-03 08.37.51

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I miss you.

I wish I could pinpoint the exact moment friendships fall apart so I could have prevented ours from breaking.

I had always imagined us standing by each other’s side as we hit multiple milestones: landing our first job, reaching the peak of our career, getting married, having kids. I wanted to share all these moments with you. I really really really wanted you to stay.

But honey we didn’t even make it past college. You found a crowd to take care of your free spirit and I a home to rest my old soul. I’d like to believe differences only make relationships stronger but I guess ours just took a wrong turn.

If you ever find yourself wanting to come back, know that I was, and still am, yours for the taking.


I don’t remember when or why we became friends but I’m glad you’re in my life and I’m in yours. I never truly believed in kindred souls, and most especially not in the non-romantic kind until that night we stayed up talking until the sun brought in the morning light.

Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself with me in between meals and work, and in our short walks home together. Thank you for accepting me, quirks and all, and for always making an effort to listen to me [ramble]. Most of all, thank you for being you. For what it’s worth I think you’re amazing in spite of everything you have gone through.

One day the love you so willingly give away will return to you a thousandfold.


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