Mikee likes to refer to herself in the third person sometimes.

This online journal is a collection of stories from the classroom, the corporate office and everywhere in between.

Even if it’s a dumb story, telling it changes other people just the slightest little bit, just as living the story changes me. An infinitesimal change. And that infinitesimal change ripples outward –ever forgotten, but the stories will last. And so we all matter –maybe less than a lot, but always more than none.

–An Abundance of Katherines, John Green

It is crucial for her to find Anne through her stories, for Anne is the adult who knows the difference between right and wrong and acts after deciding carefully without letting her soft side take over. Mikee is controlled by her child self who is deeply fascinated with all things bright and beautiful. Her parent self, contemplates her actions and guides her with virtues close to home. And if you don’t know what the metaphor means, think id, ego, superego –concepts from Psychology, a science she seeks to spend her lifetime studying.

She leaves it to your better judgment to decide if her thoughts are worth sharing and if Anne is worth finding.


“magbasa, magbasa ng mahuhusay na libro
mag-isip, patalasin ang ulo
mag-ipon ng talino”

For my 12th book this 2015, I read Adarna’s 35 Kuwentong Klasiko, a collection of stories as early as the 1980s that are no longer in print. The book gave me an insight on the development of Philippine literature, specifically children’s stories. Anna Katrina (!!!) Gutierrez writes, “the topics and narratives covered in the books are divided into categories that mark the foundations of children’s culture: Aklat ng Karanasan (experience), Aklat ng Aliw (entertainment), Aklat ng Kasaysayan (history), Aklat ng Tahanan (house/home), Aklat ng Bayani (heroes), Aklat ng Karunungan (knowledge) and Aklat ng Salin (translations/adaptations).” It’s interesting how these themes reflect the values and trends at the time and how they were interpreted through art. Although the stories fail to allow the reader to introspect unlike the current selection of some children’s books offered today (e.g. Kristine Canon’s Naay Taay), I like how the book is reminiscent of the tales/legends/myths passed on to generation after generation through word of mouth. The power of imagination really is timeless.

Let us breathe new life into [Philippine] Literature again. Here’s to promoting a culture of reading!

P.S. Russell Molina’s Sandosenang Kuya is my personal favorite. Please find time to check it out :)

I own a Chambray Crosshatch Popquiz Backpack. I bring it to work everyday and it is honestly the best backpack ever (at least for me). It has Herschel’s signature striped fabric liner and is fully padded and fleece lined perfect for my laptop. The sunglasses compartment is fleece lined too. I never have to worry about losing my eyeglasses or getting it scratched. I also never have to worry about my things getting wet with its waterproof zipper detail (and pretty much the entire bag, as long as I don’t submerge it). The main compartment can carry 4 small pouches, 3 notebooks, 1 novel, 1 pencil case, 1 laptop charger, a big wallet, a lunch box and whatever else you can squeeze in (I like to carry the world on my back).

There is in internal media pocket for small gadgets like my iPhone 4 or iPod touch; a pocket with compartments for pens, small notebooks, which I like to use for the following: rosary, coin purse, wet wipes and alcohol; the most accessible pocket holds my pepper spray and tazer (heh). Finally, if you are a little too paranoid like myself, you can thief-proof the bag by putting a padlock on the two zippers of the front pocket.

The bag itself is simple and sleek. It comes in my favorite color. I absolutely love it. I am writing this because today I was told that backpacks are not appropriate for anyone working in the corporate world. But I am stubborn this way, and I refuse to give my fully functional backpack up for a more working-girl-esque shoulder bag that will most likely do more damage to my horrible posture.

P.S. Time to give Herschel a chance if you think it is overrated.
P.P.S. I have been using Herschel even before it became popular. Just have to say it because I don’t like being dubbed as a follower of trends unless I admit to it. Hashtag feeling hipster.
P.P.P.S. Dami kong sinabi, bag lang.

Photo from The Greenhouse Project Ph

We may not always agree with each other all the time, but I like that we support each other’s interests. It may not seem like much, but yesterday meant a lot to me. Thank you :)


I got my bills today and dear God I have no idea why everything doubled. The coming paycheck isn’t even enough to cover everything I have to pay. On top of this, I have to find a dress for my cousin’s wedding, buy a wedding gift and bring food for her bridal shower. I thought I can finally deposit money for my gym subscription and buy 1 decent shirt but no. Life says no. Somebody please tell me why I am working a corporate job only to spend hard-earned money on bills.

I’m tired of complaining and being sad all the time.

I don’t want to be an adult anymore. I just want to be a potato.


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