Road to Fitness

I have been going to the gym consistently for 2 weeks now (!!!) to attend Zumba/Aerobics/Yoga class and (sometimes) walk on the treadmill. Haha.

I attended my 2nd yoga class last Sunday and dear God I could not do any of the poses properly. There was one pose which I think was called ball something (???) and it was the only pose I did successfully. All you had to do was lie on your back, raise your knees, hold your ankles and roll from side to side. For some reason, I felt like a perfect dumpling. The rest of the time I just felt like crap.

Ashly of Buzzfeed pretty much sums up the things I think about during every workout.

Ang hirap naman maging healthy.

  1. You and me both! Been doing yoga regularly now :) I think that position was Happy Baby!

    It just takes practice and dedication. Pretty soon you’ll be able to do the postures easily! :) :)

    • Mikee Garcia said:

      Oh yeah! That’s what it’s called. Haha. Thanks, Ange! Miss you!!!

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