Flatlaying 101

I told myself I will attempt to be more creative with the photos of books I have finished reading so I tried flatlaying my first read for 2016! 

BTS featuring Jessica and Mech’s braso

Naturally, my creative (and ever so playful) work friends volunteered to help me in the process! 

A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

The watch (borrowed from Shannen) is in reference to the title, and Haruki #1’s timepiece. There are philosophical and metaphysical elements in the story, which I thought was really smart so I added my glasses (maipilit lang). The Eiffel Tower keychain is also in reference to the cafe and the use of the French language in a few of the narratives. Mech added the pen, and I justified its symbolism by saying that the protagonists, Naoko and Ruth are writers. Finally, I decided to add Mech’s block thingy with the word resign because both characters were resigned to their tragic fates.

Daming sinabi! But this was so much fun to create because I think my office friends were more invested in it than I was. They actually ended up doing the entire thing. Haha! Jess was nitpicking on positive and negative spaces. Mech kept adding props and Don took the photo with his iPhone 6 Plus. They also made me delete my first post because it was poorly cropped. “Burahin mo dali, baka may mag-like na!!!” 

But of course, this won’t be complete without people trying to ruin the photo. 😛 

A wild korean dish appeared!

Today was a long day but I’m glad I ended it on a high note. ❤️


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