Today I was told that I give off a vibe that I can easily be bullied. I thought about it, and look backed on all my relationships (friendships included) from high school to present and realized that there’s truth in that observation.

I’m always the type to put other people’s needs before my own without hesitating. I try to be sensitive to the feelings of others and I take care of the people I love to the best of my ability. Time and again, personality tests have confirmed these traits. For instance, my enneagram type is “The Giver” (go figure). But as much as I would like to gloat that I am such a nice person, *rolls eyes* it has become detrimental to me in more ways than one.

Because I usually make myself available (physically, emotionally, etc.) people either take it for granted or ignore it altogether. I wonder if it’s a crime to give love away freely and quickly. Wala na nga akong hinihintay na kapalit, minsan naaabuso pa.

Napapagod na ako, pero hindi ko alam kung kaya (at dapat) ko bang magbago.

Ano sa tingin mo?

  1. Sometimes I feel the same way. But I think the key is to freely give kindness without expecting anything in return. I know this could lead to people taking advantage of your kindness, but ‘no act of kindness is ever wasted’ (Aesop).

    • Mikee Garcia said:

      Thanks for this beautiful reminder, ‘Cher Ryan :)

      • You’re welcome, ‘Cher Mikee! :)

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