February 14th

I always have low expectations on Valentine’s because I’ve been told that making an effort is overrated. But in spite of today being a commercialized holiday, I had a great day.

Today I was woken up with a hug and a soft whisper. Kilo and I got up early to play Inside Out on Disney Infinity on the Xbox. We got dressed 3 hours later to drive to UP Town Center. It was cute because Kilo rarely dresses up on dates. He decided to wear a short sleeved polo, khaki shorts (NOT CARGOS!!!) and boat shoes. It was adorable.

We saw balloon vendors on the way. I am sucker for all things cheesy, so we pulled over to get a heart-shaped one. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, really.

The mall was still closed so we walked around for a bit. He got me pink carnations which I carried all day.  When shops finally opened, we walked around some more then had early lunch at Mama Lou’s, a nice restaurant that serves good Italian food. We had pumpkin soup, mozzarella sticks, poutine, risotto, shrimp a limone pasta and Mama Lou’s Special pizza. We downed everything with Blue Lagoon (Kilo’s) and Mama Lou’s iced tea (mine). Busog na sa pagkain, busog pa sa pagmamahal. Nuks.

After lunch, we went to the supermarket to get a Valentine Sangria package (it came with wine glasses!), grabbed socks (The Hulk and Spiderman) from Iconic, and quickly stopped at National Bookstore to renew our rewards cards. We hit the weekend market last and got stickers, post cards and a calligraphy set.

Tonight we’re eating leftovers from lunch with our chilled Sangria, in our pajamas and new socks, and catching up on the newest season of New Girl in the living room.

It’s not the grandest but it’s exactly what I needed. And it’s definitely the best one I’ve had in a while.

Thank you.


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