Social Media Worthy

I am 94% millennial.

At least that’s what Buzzfeed’s What Percent Millennial Are You says. If you go through my social media accounts, you’ll find a more or less detailed account of the highlights and lowlights of my life. My Facebook Timeline is pretty much a place to vomit stories, videos, and photos (I’ve now succumbed to posting selfies -que horror- but with my dog) that I deem socially acceptable: light/funny anecdotes, nothing too heavy or passive aggressive.

Socially acceptable. It’s strange how we tend to only see things in black or white. Recently, I have been trying (and failing) to curate my Instagram feed by sticking to a color scheme/pattern to make it worthy to look at. Gone were the days were I would just post a photo of whatever caught my fancy. Now I have to think about whether or not it’s aligned to my theme, #feedgoals and what-have-you. It pushes you to become more artistic to a certain degree but at the same time it also feels a little too pretentious. 

I actually like Snapchat more now because I get to be silly and random without fear of being judged (I have less than 10 followers). The snaps also just stay in your story (somewhat like your feed) for 24 hours so you can’t look back and cringe at your past self.

I know it’s been said too many times before but this online culture is so narcissistic. Aside from the usual look-my-life-is-great posts, my daily dose of news online is tainted with everyone’s opinion on everything. What used to be a platform for idea-sharing has now become the stage for large egos and self-proclaimed intellect. 

I am so sick of watching (and okay, running) a one-man show to a perceived audience. I guess at the end of the day I’m glad I can still run to WordPress and trust that my thoughts will be safe however shallow or thought-provoking they may be.

Except of course if my crush reads this and criticizes me for not being smart enough. If you are reading this, hello, I  hope you don’t judge me but that’s okay if you end up not liking me back (as a human being) because I have a boyfriend. :p

I don’t know what my point is anymore. But like a true millennial, I have to write about it and share it with the world. #catharsis 


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