So I applied for an online writing job. Part of the application requires information on your facebook/twitter/instagram/blog accounts.  As I was filling it out, I realized how social media accounts can make/break your future employments. My Facebook is set to private so I don’t have to worry about that. My Twitter account (which I rarely use) is just a sink hole for rants. Instagram is for food and floors, and art and stuff, and well, wordpress is just one lump of brain farts. I used to put a lot of thought in the content I put (see previous post), thought it was superficial, and now I’m back to thinking otherwise! I can now see how I can improve my online presence and use it to my advantage. I’m beginning to see the light! 

Currently, I don’t have anything that can incriminate me online (at least I think I don’t) but if people see my stuff and don’t like it, how can I go anywhere?!!!

God. I sound like a whiny teenager.


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