Dear Diary,

Lols. Today was a good day though so here’s a rundown of what happened:

1. Called the grandparents via Facetime and I was showing my #wokeuplikethis #sofresh pacute face to Lolo. Look at him laugh!

2. FINALLY sold my earpods! Kaching-kaching 🤑🤑🤑 (lol may pangkain na ulit ako kasi pinambayad ko na yung sweldo sa bills)

3. I’m beginning to enjoy being a part of the JFC NLC Learning Circle! This is a project with Corporate HR and all the other restaurant HRs. I lost the program I was managing (which made me very very sad) but I’m happy I have a new group that helps me grow and learn more about our business. I did good with today’s activity. Just need to improve it for the next meeting. Huzzah!

4. I found these glasses for 3k! Wala lang, I didn’t buy it but it came in a nice blue color. Gondoh.

5. Date night!!! We actually don’t go out so much anymore because we’re trying to save money, but this was nice. Kilo initiated it too, which is unusual. Haha. No pictures of the food because I was too hungry. But Coco Ichibanya FTW!

6. #sorrynotsorry Snapchat is da 💣

7. We ran into Chers Ivy (former roomie), Loreen (former co-triad) and Kat Roco (not in photo) tonight! I miss TFP. Huhu. Also di pa rin ako marunong mag-groufie cause look at that chin.

8. We saw the most well-behaved dog ever! Apparently, Munchkin the poodle attends classes to teach her “how to dog” properly. Maybe we should enroll Timmy too. My legs and arms are full of her scratches of lambing.

9. I resisted the temptation to buy a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while because #priorities

10. And of course the best part is coming home to my little angel! Here she is enjoying her new chew toy.

Here’s to (hopefully) happier days ahead! No more drama pls

P.S. Sorry idk y I type dis way. Kenat English

Much love,


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