Home is where the heart is


I visited my former students yesterday. I look like a complete idiot in most of the photos, but this I guess is what happy looks like.


This is Amer from my first ever advisory class. He is taller than me now.

img_3356With Raven, Alvin and Althea. I know all of your names and faces by heart.

img_3361Angel, Judylei and Pitche (Pie)

img_3363Joshua, Amir and Jeffrey –the (not so) little boys who drove me crazy


Shamel and Judylei


Ashley and Iza


Ang bonggang-bonggang batang Jarene


Matt Raven —anak, may baon ka ba?


Sandra and Jenniffer –I’m so happy to see you in school.


Baby girl Kristel: Teacher, nagpalit ka ng salamin? This little girl is so observant. Also, when I went up to their rooms during recess, she didn’t want to go out because her teacher was still in the middle of a discussion. SO PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR LAZER FOCUS, BB GIRL! Congratulations on being promoted to Section 2!!!


Saika, Angel, Sandra and Kim (!!!) —nagsasalita ka na ba anak?


Men-Men, Vernalyn and Lhianne Kuting!


Me: FRENCHIE!!! (pagkatapos ng kamustahan) Pakitawag naman yung ibang mga kaklase mo para makita ko rin sila!
Frenchie: Tumakbo nga ako papunta dito tapos papagurin mo ulit ako?
HAHAHA  The quiet one has spunk now!


BB Rochelle



Meanwhile my 6th graders are camera shy. Hi, Jessa and Raven!


img_3426This is Keith. He moved up from Section 3 to to Section 1 this year!

img_3429Me: Carlo, picture tayo!
Carlo: Ayoko po, Cher *sabay smile*

img_3436With more bbs Angeline, MM, Dave and ate girl from another section haha

img_3443Rosemarie was my student for 2 years. She’s in Grade 5 now!

img_3444Yay, I found Mark VJ!

img_3448Ang hirap ninyong hanapin, John Mark and Ace! Nasa kabilang building lang pala kayo. Nasaan kaya sina Henry, Harvy, Pen at Flores? I failed to find all of them.


Nonetheless, it was great seeing majority of my students. You will always have my heart, Holy Spirit Elementary School. :)


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