First of July

I have a feeling that July (my birthmonth!!!) will bring in good tidings! Today, we had our initial team planning. It was productive albeit having tasks added to my current workload. I’m excited because I think I’m really improving the way I plan things. Mga from 3 nasa 5 na. Charaught. I’m also happy that my boss is giving me bigger responsibilities. Kahit guinea pig lang ang peg, I’m up for the challenge because it means I can add value to the organization in my own little way.

While I could drive myself crazy thinking about all the possible ways that things can go wrong, I will make it a conscious effort to attract positive energy! On the days leading up to my 24th (para tuloy-tuloy na buong taon), I promise to keep things light and learn to take delight in the little things -like this banana that’s longer than my face!

Or free buchi!

And making Timmy happy by buying her bacon flavored dental chews!

Got myself this book I’ve been wanting to read for a while now as an advance birthday present to myself! And because I’m a cheapskate and love to take advantage of discounts, I got it for 10% off thanks to my Ateneo Alumni Card :) #simplejoys

Here’s to happier days ahead!


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