Youtube Stars: Live!

Kilo took me to watch some of my favorite youtube artists on the evening of my birthday. I was (still am, as I write this actually) absolutely ecstatic that I finally saw them live! Truth be told, this is also the first time I’ve ever been to a concert with foreign stars (mall tours not included) so I was pretty stoked.

An Australian band called Lynk opened the show. It was my first time to hear about them, and they did not disappoint. Their music is nothing like what I normally listen to but ang gwapo nila pls

Max Schneider was the next performer and boy, did he put on a show. Aside from his undeniable singing and dancing skills, his energy was also something else. Max Schneider IS something else.

“You can now download my album -legally, or illegally. I don’t really care as long as you’re listening.” So much win, Max. So much win.

During the show, he said that he’d love to see photos/videos of the concert. I thought it was just the kind of thing that celebrities say, but apparently he actually meant it! He liked my instagram photo -eventhough you can barely see Max. #fangirlfeels

I am SO happy. Obviously Kilo also feels the same way.

Tiffany Alvord (?) also played a couple of songs along with the one and only KURT HUGO SCHNEIDER. He looks so adorable in his signature vest. It was such a pleasure to watch him perform because he looks like he genuinely enjoys what he is doing.

Of course I was also super excited to watch the duo (Sam Tsui and KHS) live because I have only been following them for SEVEN FREAKING YEARS. More than their talent, their friendship never ceases to amaze me. The sincerity of it all was overwhelming (if that makes sense at all) in each number they did together. How 2 b ur friend pls

They sang some of my favorites: Summer Pop Medley, Cups, Just A Dream (RIP Cristina Grimmie) and Don’t Want An Ending ❤️❤️❤️

After what seemed like forever, Leroy Sanchez finally went on stage and I was absolutely. blown. away. I don’t know how it’s possible to have a voice like that, be handsome and be sexy at the same time but Leroy makes it look so easy. I love him so much I can just cry.

Unlike the previous performers who focused on their original songs, Leroy chose to sing most of his covers. I especially loved the personal stories he shared in between songs. It was really just a joy to hear him sing and share himself with us.

Save for the strange Own It intermissions Smart Communications added (more like forced) into the program, I had a wonderful time! I don’t even have a single full length video of any of the performances because I enjoyed it that much.

On the night of my birthday, I felt a strange rush. It was like being in high school all over again with all the crushes (don’t judge) minus the bullies. Lol. It could’ve been better (read:unforseen things that always seem to fall on my birthday), but I’ve learned not to get worked up about the little things. I still had a good time, and to me that is all that matters.

Happy birthday to me! 🎂

    • Mikee Garcia said:

      You should try and catch them when they return! :)

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