Today was the worst.

In my 8 years as a trainer, I’ve never handled a non-responsive group I was not able to turn around. Usually I find a way to connect to my audience –be it children, teenagers, and adults from all walks of life.

But not today. Today, I only had about 30-40 minutes to get them warmed up and engaged in the two activities we prepared. My face was hot with embarrassment after I left the stage. On the one hand, I knew I did the best I could. But on the other, I still felt like I let my team down.

I will no longer go into detail because I do not want to relive the horrifying experience but I am writing this so I don’t forget everything I learned:

1. Framing is everything. Regardless of how little/much time you have with your audience, your first few words will make or break their commitment. I only learned this technique when I joined Greenwich, and it is admittedly something I still need to work on. Moving on, I actually look forward to being the most effective teacher/trainer/facilitator I can be. Mistakes are mandatory. Success is made up of a series of failed attempts.

2. You do not always have to do things alone. Much as I do not blame anyone for the way things ended today, I realized that I could’ve capitalized on my co-facis. I sometimes have a tendency of thinking I am capable of doing things on my own, but today I learned that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. I could’ve prepped my co-facis and clarified expectations but I went to the battlefield unarmed. Nonetheless, during our debrief, I felt nothing but gratitude for having an open and understanding team. I honestly believe that great things are within reach if we learn to better synchronize as a team.

3. Three words: Grace. Under. Pressure. No matter how bad things are going, keep calm and believe in yourself. Be quick to think on your feet and find time to explore what works and what doesn’t. Do not bring your energy level down eventhough everything is going against you. I’m pretty sure I made a fool of myself today, but I am also certain that bad days do not escape the best of us. I was actually expecting to be reprimanded by our managers and the leadership team but I am relieved that they saw through my efforts (or desperate attempts to rise above the occasion, basta iginapang ko bes).

All in all, I am humbled by the experience. I was beating myself up earlier but after further reflection (and some Jollibee) I have nothing but hope for the future.

Today was the worst. But guess what?

It can only get better from here.


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