Of Fairytales and Friendships

There are some things you do not grow out of:

Crayons, carousels, and children’s literature are some of the many things that help me stay young. I recently found myself enjoying Soman Chainani’s The School for Good and Evil, a fairytale story centered on two best friends, Agatha and Sophie.

I found the story refreshing despite the inconsistencies and undeveloped parts of the plot. I also liked how the author played with gender roles and cliches. Although I am not a fan of the indecisiveness of the main characters, I cannot bring myself to put each book down. I am on the third and final book and the narration is still as thrilling and touching as the first. But what I really like about the series is the author’s subtle discussion of good and evil. I have yet to discover if evil is inherent and cannot ever become good, but I love how something seemingly simple compels me to think about human nature.

Sometimes there is discrimination against books from those who claim themselves as “intellectuals.” The Young Adult genre in particular gets flack among bookworms for its alleged lack of depth and substance. I, however, believe that if a story can take you from one place to another, and let your imagination run wild, then it has served its purpose.

Happy reading!



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