Timmy’s Diary (Entry No. 002)

My human brought me to her hometown for the long weekend and IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN.


I mean some people were sort of picking on me, but it was all good. They all loved me in the end anyway.

A little too much, if I may add.


After a lot of hugging and bonding, human dragged me around to catch Pokemon. I mean it was fun because I saw a beach for the first time, but it made me so exhausted.


But she gave me a nice little pillow to lay my head on. Apparently she’s had it since high school. It was in excellent condition up until I decided to bite into the pillow and claim it for myself! Ha!


To be honest, I am still pretty tired from all the running and driving around.


But I’m glad to be finally home.


Until the next long weekend!


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