1. Spent majority of the day in the emergency room with Kilo (he’s okay now)
  2. Read through +/- 300 pages of a book
  3. Went to the office with 2 hours left into the work day to finish everything I will leave behind for 3 days
  4. Last minute shopping for household stuff (and milk to calm my nerves)
  5. Caught a splinter. Tried to take it out with a safety pin.
  6. Only to have it disappear into my skin.
  7. Will probably die of infection or tetanus now.
  8. Just kidding. I sanitized the pin.
  9. But where is the tiny particle?
  10. Moved on.
  11. Packed for 3 nights and 4 days in Baguio
  12. This may sound stupid/shallow but I feel very anxious about sleeping alone (read: without my dog, Timmy) for the first time since February 20 (the day I got Timmy).
  14. Thinking about last minute packing that needs to be done tomorrow.
  15. I hope I wake up in time to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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