On Classrooms and Coaching

The past 6 Saturdays have been spent in a cozy classroom in Makati. The teacher in me refuses to hide behind the computer screen 5 days a week, so I signed up to become a learning coach for The Ultimate Learning Accelerator (TULA) Philippines.

TULA is a “chain of after-school learning centers that seeks to fill in the gaps that kids struggle with at school and help them build life skills that they need in order to succeed in the real world.”

Kids ages 6-13 are welcome to enroll in the programs at 600php/week (1 session) or 700php/week (2 sessions). Public school students also get a discount as long as they present their ID cards upon enrollment. The session is  2 hours long, and is spent learning about English or Math, and a super special mission (visit the website, or hit me up to know more about it! *wink*). I also think that it is pretty cool that we are called coaches instead of teachers. Meanwhile the students are referred to as learners. Personally, I find the entire experience a perfect balance of formal and fun.

Like I said, my coaching schedule is every Saturday from 9AM – 4PM. I am moving to the Pasig Center tomorrow and I am incredibly excited to meet my new learners. One of my favorite things about the experience so far is my growth and development as an educator. Since I only work part-time, the TULA team provides lessons and instructional videos to help coaches like myself prepare for the sessions. The center also has a specific and structured approach; I absolutely love that I get to practice and explore different teaching strategies and techniques. I wish I had learned all these when I was teaching in the public school!

As a teacher, it is not enough that you understand a concept or theory. It is crucial that you also know how to explain a concept in the simplest way possible. Here is one reference that TULA passed on to me, which I am now passing on to you (if you are a teacher, or would like to teach in the future).

This week’s English lesson is about Verbs.

Enjoy! :)


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