I stopped the tears from coming on the way to work today, but they poured anyway as soon as I saw Jessica.

Today I am hurt, and angry; I can barely see anything else. The emotional exhaustion has become a constant companion I’ve gotten so good at taming the (invisible) monsters. But this morning they won, crashing on the walls I worked so hard to build.

I think about dying a lot and wonder about if or when I go, someone will finally realize that the signs have always been there. That the words that flow are cries for help, or comfort, or a listening ear (that does not judge) at the very least.

The wait did me good, I reached a sense of calm, ironically with coffee. This afternoon went by so fast, I almost did not keep up. But I write with a grateful heart that today I chose not to give up.

At the Ascott BGC, for the launch of Storm Squares. Apparently Ateneans roam this side of the world. I ran into 5 people I personally know.

The very creative centerpiece on our table.

With Francis Kong –I’ve seen him twice this year!

Currently at Fully Booked waiting for the traffic to die down.

Just finished my third prose and poetry book (I started at 5:30). I instantly fell in love with Rupi Kaur’s words. Indeed they hurt, break, love and heal.

It’s been a good day after all.


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