In retrospect, I feel like all those days I spent complaining about failing to accomplish anything substantial were leading up to October.

This month, I had not one, not two, but five (!!!) events to organize. I also hosted three of them so pakiramdam ko napiga talaga ako ngayong buwan.

October 19, State of the Business Address

Every quarter, the members of the Greenwich Main Office hold a general assembly. The President gives us an update on the status of our business and select speakers share stories on leading the change. I’ve been organizing this for a while now, but this month was extra special because it also fell on our President’s birthday. I didn’t get to take any photos except for this stolen shot of Sir ACC’s pizza cake. Also, I think it’s worth noting that people enjoyed the food we served! Hindi naman ako yung nagluto pero proud ako kasi ako yung nakipagtawaran para maitawid ito. Kabam!

October 20, Leaders Summit

Wala naman akong masyadong kinalaman dito except mag-arrange ng venue at ng transportation. You’d think it’s an easy task but the most challenging part of doing events (at least for me) is coordinating with many people. #sakitsabangs #truetestofpatience

October 20, Primetime: Main Office Fellowship Night

That’s me looking all happy but really just dying inside, LOLJK. I’m just really surprised to see myself all smiling that night (thank you for the photo, Sir DG) because it really was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in Greenwich so far. Aside from being my biggest engagement activity to date, there was added pressure because I was basically a one woman show. Ako yung communications, logistics, finance and entertainment committee, bes. Ako. Nakakaloka. But I’m happy that it turned out better than expected. People seemed to have fun and my team helped out at the last minute (Context: they were on field the weeks prior, so it was hard to delegate and orient. Pero kinaya naman!)

October 21, Main Office Teambuilding

I was really looking forward to this because we didn’t have one last year. I only got to join one activity because I was was in charge of check-out and transportation but I still had tons of fun making a cardboard boat and actually rowing it on a pool. I also got to be behind the lens again and shoot people because our docs team was undermanned. Haha! The highlights of this day were 1) a member of the Leadership Team I find intimidating expressed his belief in me, and later on said I showed grit in the activity. This meant a lot because we barely interact, and yun nga naiintimidate ako sa kanya. and 2) The entire HR team got to level off expectations. Since most of us are always on field, miscommunication cannot be avoided. This day however made me even more hopeful about the things we can still achieve. I can’t wait to see how things will unfold for a stronger and better #OneHR :)

October 28, Game On: Greenwich Trick or Treat Party 

Lastly, my final project for this month was the annual Trick or Treat Party for the team members and their children! I refer to this as my baby because my boss Don trusted me with the overall planning and execution of the event. Pati kiddie party, pinatulan na ng hosting “skillz” ko. The best part of the entire thing was seeing one of our aid’s kid’s face light up with joy upon seeing the stage. I feel truly #blessed (sorry couldn’t help it) that I still get to touch children’s lives even in the smallest of ways.

The cherry on top was winning, for the first time ever, the Interactive Display Contest. Everyone worked late to make the brilliant ideas of Mech and Jasmine come to life and it was wonderful to witness the team truly collaborating.

Overall, though there is still room for improvement (i.e. I still need to learn how to host and delegate tasks better) I’m still pretty proud of myself for being able to pull this off considering I’m really more of a teacher/trainer than an event organizer 😅

I’d like to end this lengthy post by expressing my deepest gratitude to the people who helped make all of these possible!

To Ma’am Pam, thank you for always being willing to guide and help out despite your busy schedule. Much to my humiliation, nasabihan pa nga ako ng, “oh, uutusan mo nanaman ako?” Hahahuhu But seriously thank you for being an incredibly hands-on head and for always affirming the things we do. We’re all privileged to be under your leadership :)

To my boss Don, thank you for not micro-managing but still offering guidance when needed! I’m really lucky to have you as my boss, even with all the teasing! Haha! Most of all thank you for trusting me with big responsibilities. I’m always challenged to go beyond what I can do, and I really hope I can grow into an effective trainer and engage..er like you. Heh!

To Shannen, thank you for always lending a helping hand eventhough you already have a lot on your plate! You’re one of the few people I know I can always count on both for work and personal things, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Thank you also for trusting me with your stories too. Level-up ang friendship! Hehe.

To Mech, I’ve said my thank you’s on Instagram already haha but I just want to say thanks again for helping me survive this crazy month! I’m sorry for being clingy and chatty (well no, not really, haha) but I really appreciate you for sticking around. #ComfortLevel999

Finally, to Marian, my forever partner for all the Engagement activities, thank you for always being one step ahead and being on top of things. I don’t think I can manage without your quick thinking and organization skills! I hope you enjoy working with me as much as I enjoy working with you. I look forward to more projects together, bunso!

Onwards and beyond!


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