High Blood Pressure

1. Clean as you go. It’s one of life’s basic rules and yet we fail to uphold it. As in naturingan nga kayong edukado tapos magtapon lang ng basura di niyo magawa? There was trash inches away from the trash can. Ano na gaiz

2. May signs na nga sa escalator di pa magawang sundan.

3. Also di ko kasalanan kung di mo nagawa ng maayos trabaho mo. Yung mga boss ko nga kahit minsan hindi ako kinausap ng ganyan ikaw pa kaya?


4. Marcos is not a hero. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t understand the apologists. It shouldn’t even be a case of intelligence or class. It’s just common decency to refuse the burial of a man who has the blood of a nation in his hands and the decision to lay him to rest next to those who gave their body and blood to our country.

Ugh okay sorry bye


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