Christmas Wishlist 2016 (Beauty Edition)

I am currently obsessed with make-up and skin care! Since my job requires that I put on a face (lol), I’ve been stocking up on items that will help keep me fresh all day. A lot of what I have are lipsticks, because that’s one of two things that people usually see (the other is eyebrows!). I am not a fan of putting a lot of products on my face, but since make-up still traps oil and dirt, it is also important to invest on products that will leave your skin clean and healthy at the end of each work day. I feel like I’ve completely turned around because I used to not care about these things, even (silently) shaming people who don’t embody natural beauty. But now I see that it doesn’t hurt to try and be prettier as long as you don’t overdo it. :)

Anyway, below is my list of wants/needs to last until 2017!

1. Make-up Brushes

I usually just use my fingers/hands for blending but I finally see the value of using brushes! I’m currently using really cheap brushes from Paganini which I just found laying around. It doesn’t do the trick, so I need more reliable ones. I don’t really have an idea what brands are a bang for your buck but I don’t mind experimenting with different ones!

2. Happy Skin x Glam Squad (Denise Go-Ochoa)

I am terrible at applying liquid lipsticks, but I just can’t help falling for this shade! It’s just the right color -not too pink, not to dark for a morena like myself. It’s part of the Glam Squad collection, a lipstick line by the top make-up artists in the Philippines.

3. Happy Skin x Disney (Cinderella)

To be honest, I didn’t like this shade when I swatched it on my hand but it looks so much better when applied on the lips. My lipsticks are on the nude, brown side so this mauve shade will be a nice addition to use for special occasions. I actually joined a Happy Skin Giveaway contest, I hope I get to snag this beauty!

4. Happy Skin x Disney (Anna)

If by now it still isn’t obvious, Happy Skin is my favorite lipstick brand. Aside from being a local brand, it prides itself in its ability to moisturize your lips (even the matte ones!) throughout the day. It’s a little more expensive than your average drugstore lipstick but it’s definitely a good dupe for the high-end ones. I’m keen on having this (Anna) shade because it’s the perfect balance of a simple and stand-out lip color.

5. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

My mom gave me a tester of this product from Korea and I just absolutely love it! It really cleanses your skin. It also comes with collagen to help clear out dark spots. Etude House is also one of my favorite brands because you get good results for mid-range prices. My other favorites are the Baking Powder Facial Foam and the Cotton Fit B.B. Cream.

So that’s it for this year’s beauty wishlist! Santa, I hope you’re reading!


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