Thoughts on a Tuesday

  1. I am supposed to be up by 3AM tomorrow. It’s 10PM and I haven’t packed for my 3-day certification in Batangas. Instead I am procrastinating by writing this down. (Shout out to college me! Some things don’t change!)
  2. I have also been catching up on Gotham. I am not happy with the development of my favorite E. Nigma’s and Penguin’s character. But I am still watching the show because wala ganun talaga ako, kailangang tapusin ang sinimulan. :p
  3.  Galit pa rin ako sa mga nangyayari sa bansa namin. Natatakot ako dahil baka manalo nanaman ang mga mandaraya. May nagbabadyang trahedya, pero sana mali ang kutob ko. Sana maagapan ito.
  4. Sana rin may maitulong ako. Ngunit ano? Paano?
  5. Ang daming manyak sa mundo. Nakakadiri.
  6. On a different note, Timmy is just by my feet. This will sound crazy but it seems as if she can feel that I’ll be gone for 3 days. She normally cuddles up to me but if she had a choice between staying in the warm living room or in the air-conditioned bedroom, she’d pick the latter. But she’s here. With me. And I could not ask for more.
  7. This may sound OA to some people but having Timmy around really brightens up my life. Her presence helps a great deal with managing my anxiety and loneliness.
  8. Read this without malice or notions of pasipsip. I miss my boss!
  9. Eventually I have to be strong when the people I’m closest to transition to different roles. #attachmentproblems
  10. My head is filled with a mix of serious and petty thoughts. It’s hard to keep up with myself sometimes.  Nakakapagod din.

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